With just a fleeting visit to Bangkok, we headed back to the airport for our trip to Krabi. Having a brief/45minute long panic that we were going to miss our flight, falling at the very first hurdle, we made it in plenty of time. The reassurance that the flight would be late was always in the back of my mind.


Pai Plong Beach (at low tide)

The only method of transport in Krabi appeared to be via a very angry Thai lady who was barking orders but we soon made it in one piece to Aonang, where we proceeded to get into a rather pimped up doorless car which was full of water due to the recent bad weather. Settling in to our nice room, fully equipped with outdoor sunken bath, glass windowed shower and toilet and ant infestation we were ready to get our burn on.



Who needs doors?

Day one, we walked around to Pai Plong beach where the tide was so high there was no beach to sit on so we put our bags in a bush and attempted a quick dip, which turned out to be us being K.O’ed by the sizeable waves. After a brief but significant amount of frying, we wandered back to the infinity pool of the hotel to watch in awe as people entered the pool in shower hats, with arm bands, with giant inflatables which caught the wind and life saver rings despite the pool being only one meter deep and only adults ‘swimming’.


Inflatable swan, not the traditional ‘life saver’. No holiday complete without an infinity pool..

We headed down to Koh Lanta after two nights via minivan which had both doors and a sound system pumping out what can only be described as 90’s-pop-techno/remixes. On arrival to the hotel I started to get suspicious of Lily’s intentions of the holiday as we were shown to our beach side chalet with another sunken jacuzzi bath on the balcony..


Sunset on Long Beach in Koh Lanta-post beach clean up

The beautiful ‘Long Beach’ was so sadly heavily littered with plastic cups, bottles, bags and other rubbish swept up in the high tides. After a few beers, we make a promise to pick up some of this rubbish, even if it only makes a tiny dent on the problem it is very sad to see the impact of careless humans on the picturesque environment.

Following our nightly trip advisor search for dinner, we headed to Patty’s Secret Garden. Aside the from the food, the highlight being the waitress asking us to move tables because her ‘dishes were very big’, I.e we had ordered too much food to fit on a two person table.


I was in my element the following day as we hopped on the dive boat, filling my mask with water as I couldn’t stop smiling after seeing 27 puffer fish (the best fish) on our first dive! We saw black tip reef sharks, a turtle, rays, a pipe fish, cuttlefish, a peacock mantis shrimp (google it) and huge shoals of yellow snapper to name but a few. I had somehow forgotten how much I love being under water. As I was enjoying the marine life, lily was having ear chewed off my a fellow Brit who had claimed to have broken his back secondary to requiring CPR after a seizure induced by ‘having fun with his girlfriend’.

Due to the high tides, we would have been foolish not to realise this could only be secondary to a full moon, which means only one thing in Thailand. After a civilised dinner and not enough beers, we tuk-tuk ‘d our way to the uv rave. I think all of the island’s tourists had congregated here, needy for some sam song buckets. After a nervous Long Island iced tea (the only way to start a party), Lily got fully involved with a uv beach landscape painted on her whole back, I went for more of an avatar look all over my face. A few more tequilas, some fire ‘dancing’ and a dreadlock later, I struggled to prize Lily away from her new Thai-pirate lover. Three hours later we were up for our ferry…although feeling rotten, glad to see we had come off lightly, refusing the in-bar-tattoo parlour available the previous night.


 All you need to see from that evening..


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