A bit more Bali

Then onto the next leg..Nusa Lembongan, a small island South West of the Gili’s. After a rather hairy, lengthy and late boat trip, we were all pleased to be alive and I met a few people along the way..I was adopted into a Brazilian family (I fitted right in, don’t worry) who I managed to bump into many times each day..! I still chickened out of renting a scooter and unable to find a bicycle to rent either, i wandered around on my trusty legs. I visited Dream Beach and Devil’s Tears, the coastline of Lembongan was a bit wild, with strong currents and waves big enough to pull your bikini straight off if you’re not paying attention!


The waves crashing at The Devil’s Tears in Nusa Lembongan 

I spent most of my days here wandering around the coastline and being bitten by various bugs but all in all had a great time! After three nights, no rest for the wicked, I was off back to Bali and Padang-Padang Beach in Uluwatu. I had been recommended the area by the Brazilians who had been living locally for 8months. The beaches were something special. Huge wave breaks lining a coral-covered shore with crystal turquoise waters. It was postcard perfect and relatively untouched. Having said that, the small town had some great food spots with one even including smashed avocado and poached eggs on sourdough!


Padang Beach, Uluwatu

After seeing many signs of banned ‘Uber’ and ‘Grab Taxi’, I went on a mission to figure out how I was going to get to Ubud, a cultural but well visited spot a few hours north of me, too far even for my legs! I jumped into the taxi I’d ordered, and within five minutes had been quizzed about my musical ability, namely my singing voice. Andton proceeded to show me numerous videos of people from various countries singing karaoke in his car..needless to say he didn’t have a Brit on there! After a long three hours, most consisting of discussions regarding what I was going to sing, I arrived in Ubud.


Trying to take a nice photo of myself in some rice paddies, Ubud

I had booked myself into what I can only describe as a bamboo shack for a couple of nights. I threw myself into the ubud lifestyle and went to a yoga class, obviously having no idea what I was doing! I spent a lot of the class fending off the man next to me from invading my mat! It was interesting if nothing else. I walked through some rice paddies, saw some temples and traditional Balinese art museums. It is a cultural Mecca for sure, with plenty of options for food and yoga lovers alike, but heavily touristic and lots of cars to avoid!


Bamboo shack that I stayed in…only joking!

On my last day, I thought I should push myself and go to the notorious monkey forest. I had my camera out ready, backpack secured (or so I thought) and made an aim to stay around people who looked like they might have food so I didn’t get attacked first. I took a few snaps, but as soon as I dropped my guard, a monkey looked me straight in the eye before clambering up my leg and onto my head. He rifled through my bag until he found my only bit of food, some minty Fisherman’s Friends! I considered cracking out my jujitsu moves on him but figured I would let him have them, I could get some more.


Monkey spa day, best not look too closely!

After this excitement, I was off again to Kuta for a brief stop over. With quite a poor reputation, I read up about what I could do to entertain myself for the afternoon and found a turtle sanctuary! Many places in Bali take the turtle eggs from the beach when they are laid and wait until they are hatched before releasing them because otherwise they just get trodden on etc by beach-goers. So I went along, and after much queuing and gently nudging, I got to release a baby turtle into the sea! I shouted with great pride as mine was one of the first to reach the water’s edge, showing great strength and determination…this was only to be quashed by the chap on the mic informing us that one in one thousand baby turtles released will make it to adulthood. A statistic that none of us needed to hear! I then awaited the arrival of my friend Chris (for hours) before the next part of my Indonesian adventure…


Concentrating on not letting my turtle escape too soon!


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